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GidakiiminaanAtlas.jpg Gidakiiminaan Atlas

The Gidakiiminaan atlas is an 80-page atlas that identifies the Anishinaabe (Ojibwe) names of lakes, rivers, islands, bays, and other locations in northern Wisconsin, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and east central Minnesota. Some of these are the pre-European names. Included in the atlas is a translation of the original name and a table that identifies the modern location name with the Anishinaabe name.



IndinawemaaganidogCD.jpg Indinawemaaganidog (All My Relations)
This interactive Anishinaabe language CD identifies the names of animals, birds, fish, reptiles, insects, and plants. The CD utilizes voice links to allow the user to hear the name while viewing photographs of the species. In addition, traditional knowledge is passed along through stories in the Anishinaabe language with partial translation. This is a resource that both beginning and advanced language students can use to increase their knowledge of Anishinaabemowin.

Inaadiziwin.jpg Inaadiziwin DVD

Inaadiziwin (Way of Life) Anishinaabe Language DVD utilizes the harvesting seasons of the Ojibwe to teach the language. Developed as a language resource, the DVD identifies words and phrases that relate to the differing seasons of the Anishinaabe. The inter-active DVD also includes 12 short video clips for most of the seasons including spearing a fish through the ice and tanning a deer hide. Working with speakers and tribal harvesters, the DVD includes language lessons for spearing through the ice, sugar bush, wild rice harvesting/processing, trapping, snaring, hunting, spring spearing, gill net fishing, and hide tanning.


NonMedicinalPlantCD.jpg Non-Medicinal Plants Used by the Great Lakes Ojibwe

This CD is the result of meetings with elders from GLIFWC's 11 member tribes. The CD identifies non-medicinal uses of plants gathered by the Great Lakes Ojibwe, such as wild bergamot used as a hair rinse and conditioner, elderberry juice used as lipstick when mixed with tallow, or cattail used as a food. The CD includes the complete database of 585 pages and includes summaries that identify specific uses of plants. It also includes transcriptions of meetings with the elders, a seasonal harvest calendar, and a plant listing that includes links to photographs of most plants. There are also five video clips of elders talking about specific uses of different plants.





Reference books

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daga anishinaabemodaa


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A Concise Dictionary of Minnesota Ojibwe


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Anishinaube Thesaurus



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Aaniin Ekidong


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