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OJIBWEMOWIN Down 1. river 2. far away 3. lake 5. bald eagle 8. in the direction of Across 4. inspect look it over 6. There are many blueberries. 7. over there 9. or maybe IKIDOWIN ODAMINOWIN word play Translations Niizh2 A. Yesterday did you hear himher that chickidee B. Yesterday I saw hh a shypokebittern there. C. Always I have seen himher this eagle in that direction far off over there. D. The day before yesterday she went hunting that girl. She went fishing also. E. Yesterday I went hunting. I saw them three grouse. F. By the river tomorrow they are going hunting my relatives. G. The day after tomorrow we are going deer hunting. My deceased Dad was a hunter guy. Niswi3 Down 1. Ziibi 2. Waasa 3. Zaagaigan 5. Migizi 8. Keyaa Across 4. Dibaabandan 6. Miinikaa 7. Iwidi 9. Gemaa Niiwin-4 1. Do you want to know her Gi- -aa the girl over there 2. In the woods when I look ag for himher I find himher. 3. When she gives thanks to himher -igod she is very happy also. 4. At the eating placerestaurant when you look at himher -ad that bread you will be hungry right away. 5. Tomorrow at the restaurant I will find her the female cook. I will give thanks to her. Ni- -aa. There are various Ojibwe dialects check for correct usage in your area. Note that the English translation will lose its natural flow as in any world language translation. This may be reproduced for classroom use only. All other uses by authors written permission. Some spellings and translations from The Concise Dictionary of Minnesota Ojibwe by John D. Nichols and Earl Nyholm. All inquiries can be made to MAZINAIGAN P.O. Box 9 Odanah WI 54861 Niswi3 Double vowel system of writing Ojibwemowin. Long vowels AA E II OO Waaboozas in father Miigwechas in jay Aaniinas in seen Moozas in moon Short Vowels A I O Dashas in about Ingiwas in tin Niizhoas in only A glottal stop is a voiceless nasal sound as in Aaw. Respectfully enlist an elder for help in pronunciation and dialect differences. English will lose its natural flow as with other world languages. -ag -igod -ad Ni- -aa Gi- -aa Whenif I find himherMiikawag Whenif you find hhMiikawad Whenif she finds hhMiikawigod Whenif they find hhMiikawigowaad Ganawaabamagwhen I see hh Miigwechiwenimigowaadwhen they give thanks to himher them Gigikenimad adwaWhenif you know hh them GanawaabamigodWhenif she looks for hhthem. Miiiw. Thats all. Niizh2Bezhig1 OJIBWEMOWIN Ojibwe Language Niiwin4 5 21 Aaniin ezhwebak dagwaaging What is happening as it is autumn Circle the 10 underlined Ojibwe words in the letter maze. Translations below Gii-miinikaa. Gii-miskominikaa. Noongom giiwe-niibin. Niwii-kibozaa aaw miinibaashkimisiganibiitoosijiganibadagwangwezhiganibakwezhigan. Noongom gitigaaning niwaabamaanaanig agosimaanan. Mandaaminaakoog adisowag. Gidaa-dabwaanag Gemaa gidaa- gabaashimag. Howah Dibaabandan ziibi idash zaagaigan Manoominitigweyaa. Manoominikaa. Giwii-kiiyose na Giiwedinong niwii-kiiyose. Giiwedinong ondaanimad wenji-gisinaag. Miigwech There were a lot of blueberries. There were a lot of raspberries. Now it is late summer. I want to cook himher in the oven that blueberry preserves pie with covering of crustbread. Now we see them squashpumpkins in the garden. The ears of corn they are ripe. You should roast them over a fire. Or you could boil them. Wow check it outinspect the river and the lake The river has wild rice. There is a lot of wild rice. Will you go hunting To the north thusly I want to go hunting. The north wind comes from that direction so it is cold. Thank you N M B I I E O I M M N I S O J I K A S W J S I S A P B I A Z H I O S A I I I A O K N T H N K G M Z B W A A S A E I G A Y E A W A B A M N W A I G A N I O G B A W A S O N A A G O S O A W A S W A A B A N G I A. Bijiinaago na gigii-noondawaa aaw gijigijiganeshii B. Bijiinaago ningii-waabamaa aaw mooshkaosi imaa C. Apane ningii-waabamaa waaw migizi keyaa waasa iwidi. D. Awasonaago gii-kiiyose aaw ikwezens. Gii-kiigooyike gaye. E. Bijiinaago ningii-kiiyose. Ningiiwaabamaa niso- mayagi-bineg. F. Ziibiing waabang gii-kiiyosewag nindinawemaaganag. G. Awaswaabang niwiinoojiaanaanig waawaashkeshiiwag. Nindedeban gaa- kiiyosewinini. 7 4 1. _____wii-gikenim_____ na ikwezens iwidi 2. Megwaayaak ganawaabam_____ nimiikawaa. 3. Miigwechiwenim_____ gichi-minwendam gaye. 4. Wiisiniwigamigong wii-ganawaabam_____ aaw bakwezhigan giwii-bakade bijiinag.. 5. Waabang wiisiniwigamigong_____wii-miikaw_____ jiibaakwewikwe. _____wii-miigwechiwenim_____. 6 VTA Animate Verbs Transivive. 1st 2nd Persons MiikawFind himher Nimiikawaa.gI find hh.them. Gimiikawaa.gYou find hhthem. GikenimKnow himher Ningikenimaa.gI know hh.them. Gigikenimaa.gYou know hh.them. GanawaabamLook for hh Ninganawaabamaa.gI look for Giganawaabamaa.gYou look or MiigwechiwenimGive thanks to hh Nimiigwechiwenimaa.gI thank Gimiigwechiwenimaa.gYou thank 8 Online Resources umich.eduojibwe VTA B-formwhen if or while...Use suffixesThese are not full sentences. 3 9 Waatebagaa. There are bright leaves. MAZINAIGAN PAGE 16 FALL 2015