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OJIBWEMOWIN Down 1. pileated woodpecker 2. hisher mother 3. outside 6. It is foggy. Across 4. also 5. It is snowing. 7. It is cool weather. 8. It is windy. 9. at this time IKIDOWIN ODAMINOWIN word play Translations Niizh2 A. Look They are playing my grandchild and hisher grandchild. B. Lets all go outside my one who is sweet-grandchild. C. On the trail we will listen to them those birds. D. Perhaps when we walk we will see him a squirrel. E. It is melting. It is starting to rain. Run to the house F. Soon the leaves will bud. When it is spring sap starts to run. G. When the sap runs I gather sap here. I boil things to sugar. H. I see them maple trees. Niswi3 Down 1. Meme 2. Omaamaa 3. Agwajiing 6. Awan Across 4. Gaye 5. Gimiwan 7. Dakaayaa 8. Noodin 9. Zhigwa Niiwin-4 1. Canoe does she have it here your mother Gi- 2. At Strawberry Lake he went fishing my dad. Nin- 3. They will marry each other hisher daughter and my son. O- -an 4. No it was not cloudy yesterday. sinoon 5. There is such an event. How are the eventswhats happening outside d- k There are various Ojibwe dialects check for correct usage in your area. Note that the English translation will lose its natural flow as in any world language translation. This may be reproduced for classroom use only. All other uses by authors written permission. Some spellings and translations from The Concise Dictionary of Minnesota Ojibwe by John D. Nichols and Earl Nyholm. All inquiries can be made to MAZINAIGAN P.O. Box 9 Odanah WI 54861 Niswi3 Double vowel system of writing Ojibwemowin. Long vowels AA E II OO Waaboozas in father Miigwechas in jay Aaniinas in seen Moozas in moon Short Vowels A I O Dashas in about Ingiwas in tin Niizhoas in only A glottal stop is a voiceless nasal sound as in Aaw. Respectfully enlist an elder for help in pronunciation and dialect differences. English will lose its natural flow as with other world languages. Nin- Gi- O- -an -sinoon -k Nindinawemaaganag.My relatives. Nimaamaa Gimaamaa Omaamaa. My mom Your mom Hisher mom. Nindede Gidede Odede. My dad Your dad HisHer dad. Nookomis Gookomis Ookomisan. My Grandmother Your... HisHer... Nimishoomis Gimishoomis Omishoomisan.My Grandfather Your Grandfather HisHer... Niniijaanis.My child. Ninaabem.My husband. Inday.My dog horse. Miiiw. Thats all. Niizh2Bezhig1 OJIBWEMOWIN Ojibwe Language Niiwin4 5 2 1 Aaniin ezhiwebak ziigwang What is happening as it is spring Circle the 10 underlined Ojibwe words in the letter maze. Translations below Omaa bimisewag ingiw andegwag. Ningidewan zaagaiganan. Zhigwa megwaayaak niwii-naadoobiimin. Nindombigamizigemin. Iskigamizigan iiw. Gaye niwiiwiigwaasikemin. Nooshkaachinaagan idash ziinzibaakwado-makak niwiiozhitoomin. Bizindaw Inashke Meme nandotaw Gigizhaawaawaag. Onaabanigiizis waaw giizis izhinikaazo. Wiinitam Iskigamizige-giizis izhinikaazo. Wiinitam Zaagibagaa-giizis izhinikaazo. Miigwech. Here they fly those crows. They are melting the lakes. At this time in the woods we want to collect sap. We boil sap to sugar. It is a sugarbush. Also we removed birchbark from the tree. Fanning basket and sugar-basket we want to make them. Listen Look Behold A pileated woodpecker listen for hher You all watch over them. March-moon this moon she is named. Next Sugar-moon she is named. Next Budding-moon she is called. Thank you. W M G E O M A A E I E J J I N O N Z I I G W A N G N A D Z S W B A I I N A J N G B A O W N Z M I A I O G J K B G A O S I Z H A A D A A I D O Y I N A S H K E W D G A W I I H S E N I B E W N O O Z H I S H E N A. Inashke Odaminowag noozhishen idash oozhishenyan. B. Izhaadaa agwajiing waabishkobizid noozhishen. C. Miikanaang niwii-bizindawaanaanig ingiw bineshiiwag D. Ganabaj wii-bimoseyaang niwii waabamaanaan ajijdamoo. E. Ningide. Maajibiisaa. Bimibaatoon waakaaiganing. F. Wayiiba zaagibagaa. Ziigwang maajiga. G. Maajigaag ninaadoobii omaa. Nindombigamizige. H. Niwaabamaag ingiw ininaatigoog. 7 4 1. Jiimaan ina odayaan omaa _____ maamaa 2. Odeimini-zaagaiganing giigiigooyike _____dede. 3. Wii-wiidigendiwag ___daanis___ idash ingozis. 4. Gaawiin gii-ningwaanakwa_______ bijiinaago. 5. Izhiwebad. Aaniin ezhiweba___ agwajiing VII B-form question the -d changes to -k in whowhatwhy type questions. And whenif... If such an event- Izhiwebak ... 6 VII-Verb Inanimate IntransitiveIt is verbs Aaniin ezhiwebak agwajiing What are the events outside Mino-giizhigad.Its a good day. Awan.It is foggy. Gisinaa.It is cold. Noodin.It is windy. Gimiwan.It rains. Awanibiisaa.Its mistingsprinkling. Gaawiin awanibiisaasinoon.It is not misty. Zoogipon inaIs it snowing Gaawiin zoogiponzinoon.No It is not snowing. Animikiikaag biindigeg.WhenIf it thunders all gocome inside Ningwaanakwak dakaayaa.It is cloudy it is cool. Waawaate.There are northern lights. 8 Online Resources umich.eduojibwe 3 9 Aandeg Agoozi Family Members NAD- Animate dependent noun. These names are possessed by others. PAGE 9 MAZINAIGANSPRING 2016