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OJIBWEMOWIN MAZINAIGAN PAGE 16 SUMMER 2016 Down 1. It is raining. 2. It is noon. 3. water 5. later Across 4. There is a lot of water. 6. come 7. grease 8. always 9. It is easy. IKIDOWIN ODAMINOWIN word play Translations Niizh2 A. Build a fire you guys Wheres the firewood It is evening. It is getting dark. B. I will stir the fire. Over there put more wood on the fire now. C. You should camp on the trail. It is nice here. D. My Grandma brought the camper-vehicle. Lets all set it up E. Did you take along a flashlight You will use it. F. Did you bring a blanket and hat G. I dislike mosquitoes there. H. It is dawn lets go camping kids Niswi3 Down 1. Gimiwan 2. Naawakwe 3. Nibi 5. Baanimaa Across 4. Nibiikaa 6. Ambe 7. Bimide 8. Apane 9. Wendad Niiwin-4 1. Wait Where are you going now Bekaa 2. Okay sure I shall- see you later at the great river. Giga in 3. Is it raining there I am not certain when it rains there. Amanj iidog 4. Is it raining or is it clear skys Perhaps both gemaa. 5. Do you want to go camping by the big river Yes. I want to camp. There are northern lights and there are many stars. Eya. There are various Ojibwe dialects check for correct usage in your area. The grammar patterns may help a beginner voice inanimate and animate nouns and verbs correctly as well as create questons and negate statements. Note that the English translation will lose its natural flow as in any world language translation. This may be reproduced for classroom use only. All other uses by authors written permission. Some spellings and translations from The Concise Dictionary of Minnesota Ojibwe by John D. Nichols and Earl Nyholm. All inquiries can be made to MAZINAIGAN P.O. Box 9 Odanah WI 54861 Edited by Jennifer Ballinger Saagajiwe-Gaabawiik. Niswi3 Double vowel system of writing Ojibwemowin. Long vowels AA E II OO Waaboozas in father Miigwechas in jay Aaniinas in seen Moozas in moon Short Vowels A I O Dashas in about Ingiwas in tin Niizhoas in only A glottal stop is a voiceless nasal sound as in Aaw. Respectfully enlist an elder for help in pronunciation and dialect differences. Eya. Bekaa Giga- -in Amanj iidog. Gemaa Minwendaagwan oow.This is fun. Weweni izhichigenBehave yourself Giin niwiijiiwaagan.You are my friend. Aaniin enendamanWhat do you think Niimiiding.A Powwow. Aaniin apii AandiWhen Where Mino-dibishkaanHappy Birthday Wawiyash iiw.Thats funny. Gizaagiininim.I love you all. Gigizhebaa-wiisinidaa Lets all have breakfast Naawakwe-wiisinidaa Lets have lunch Miiiw.Thats all. Niizh2Bezhig1 OJIBWEMOWIN Ojibwe Language Niiwin4 5 21 Aaniin ezhiwebak niibing What is happening as it is summer Circle the 10 underlined Ojibwe words in the letter maze. Translations below Apane zaagaiganan gizaagitoonaamin Aanishinaabeg. NIBI. Mino-bimaadiziwin. Wendad. Gimanaajitoonaamin. Giganawendaanaamin. Nibiikaa. Gigikendaasomin. Noongom gidaa-naagadawenimaawaag goozhishenyag. Bekish gwayakwendandaa Nindaa-aandaakonigemin. Megwaa. Inaabaji giizis Inaabajitoon giiwedin Miigwech. Wiinaabikad nawaj bimide dash waasamoo-bimide. Odeimini-giizis waaw giizis izhinikaazo. Aabita-niibino-giizis izhinikaazo. Manoominike-giizis izhinikaazo. Miigwech. The people always love the lakes. WATER. The good-life. It is easy. We all go easy on it. We all take care of it. There is a lot of water. We all are smart. Today you all should think about them your grandchildren. At the same time lets all rightfully consider it. We should change our policyplans. Now. Use the sun Use the north wind Oil and gasoline are dirtier. This moon is named the Strawberry Moon June. July is named the Half Way Through The Summer Moon. August is named the Wild Ricing Moon. Thank you. Z I O K W O D N T A A J A B A W E A Z D S W A G O B I A Y E A G W M O I A G D Y N O I A O S W Z I A O G S N A Y H E H B M C M A H B E A D N A H Y E J N W I M A B A G I D I N I S E N N W I I W A A K W A A N A. Boodaweg Aaniindi misan Onaagoshin. Gashkiidibikad. B. Niwii-jiichiishkinzheige. Awedi bagidinisen noongom. C. Gidaa-gabesh miikanaang. Omaa onizhishin. D. Odadaawen gabeshiiwi-daabaan Nookomis. Bakakidoodaa E. Gigii-maajiidoon ina giwaazako- nebijigan Giwii-aabajitoon. F. Gigii-maajiidoonan ina waabooyaan idash wiiwaakwaan G. Nindaanawenimaag zagime imaa. H. Waaban gabeshidaa abinoojiyag 7 4 1. _____Aandi izhaayan noongom 2. Enange _____-waabam_____ naagaj gichi-ziibiing. 3. Gimiwan ina imaa _____gimiwang imaa. 4. Gimiwan ina _____ mizhakwad Ganabaj eyiizh. 5. Giwii-gabesh ina gichi-ziibiing _____ niwiigabesh. Waawaate idash anangokaa. 6 PCS Common Phrases Particles Add meaning no inflections adverbs conjunctives or exclamatory dash idashand gemaaor ganabajmaybe perhaps gayealso apiiwhen at the time Amanj iidog.I am not certain. BekaaWait gaawiin wiikaanever geyaabiyet still mewinzhalong ago Ambe omaaimaaCome herethere miinawaaagain baanimaalater not Miigwech miinawaa.Youre welcome. Giga-waabamin.I shall see you. EyaYes naagajlater GegoDont MaanooDont carelet it be. Howah 8 Online Resources umich.eduojibwe Common Phrases 3 9 Bimise nenookaasi. Opichi nagamo. Mayagi-bine noojiikwewe-nagamo.