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KIDS PAGE Powwow Trail By Dylan Jennings Staff Writer Boozhoo giinawaa Hello Everyone Its almost summertime and you know what that means Its powwow time For those that dont know what a powwow is let me take a second to explain. A powwow is a social gathering which highlights Native American singing and dancing. Many different tribes have vari- ous stories as to how the powwow started or came to their area. In the Great Lakes region powwows are held just about every weekend in the summertime. Tribal communities across the area host these events to welcome visitors and to socialize with relatives. Food laughter and craft vendors are also a big part of powwows. When we look out into the dance arena there are many styles ofdance.Itsimportanttorememberthatthedancerswearregalia pronounced ri-gey-lee-uh and not costumes. Someofthemensdancesincludetraditionalfancychicken and grass. Traditional dancers wear one bustle made of feathers on their backs. They are also adorned with other feathers and sometimes carry staffs or war clubs. Grass dancers wear fringed regaliaandmimictheswayinggrassoftheprairies.Menschicken dancers wear smaller bustles and mimic the prairie chicken. Mens fancy dancers wear two bustles and are usually adorned in flashy colors. Womens dances include jingle fancy shawl and traditional. The jingle dress originates from the Ojibwe people and the dress is adorned with jingle cones. Fancy shawl dancers wear a skirt and a shawl with fringe. Many times fancy shawl dancers will wear vibrant colors as well. Womens traditional dancers typi- cally wear buckskin or applique dresses and carry items such as a purse shawl or fan. At the center of every powwow is the deweigan drum. The drum is the heartbeat of mother earth and the beat to which the dancers move. Every song is different and specific for every cat- egory. Drums are usually constructed of wood and animal hides. Powwows are a great way to learn about other tribes and communities. Keep an eye out for all the different dance styles. We will see you on the powwow trail After reading the story about the powwow look at the pictures below and fill in the blanks with the name of the regalia that each dancer is wearing. The deweigan is the hearbeat of mother earth and the beat to which the dancers move. Dylan Jennings photo Dylan Jennings photos PAGE 17 MAZINAIGANSUMMER 2016