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ENFORCEMENT Winter camp around the corner Sign up now Odanah Wis.GLIFWC recently received a 10300 grant from the First Nations Development Institute FNDI of Longmont Colorado. This award will support the efforts of GLIFWCs Ishpaagoonikaa Deep Snow Camp Winter Cultural Program. Targetingtribalyouthgrades4-10Ishpaagoonikaaseekstoincreaseknowl- edge and utilization of treaty-reserved rights in harvesting and protecting natural resources encourage environmental stewardship and promote natural resource careers during the winter season. Additionally the program strives to increase leadershipskillsandfosterintergenerationallearningopportunitiesbetweentribal elders and tribal youth focusing on passing traditionalAnishinaabe winter activity knowledge from generation to generation. GLIFWC sought funding to expand on the previous success of the Ishpaa- goonikaa program and successful youth leadership development of Camp Onji- Akiing From the Earth. Previously tribal elders were not able to attend the Ishpaagoonikaa program as limited funds were available which did not provide travel assistance or stipends for local or regional tribal elders. With this funding a minimum of five elders will be on staff to share their knowledge and help guide our youth during this powerful program. We are so grateful to have the opportunity for a Full Circle learning approachduringourcampswhereyouth are learning their culture from their elders essentially their family and then usingthisknowledgeandpassingitonto others states Ishpaagoonikaa Program DirectorandGLIFWCOutreachOfficer Heather Bliss. This FNDI grant enables GLIFWC tocontinuetoprovideadditionalopportu- nities for tribal youth to become mentors and leaders in natural resource manage- ment and preservation in the ceded ter- ritories and supports the revitalization of Ojibwe culture and traditions. This years Ishpaagoonikaa pro- gram will be held in Cloquet Minnesota on February 5-7 2016 during which GLIFWCs Law Enforcement Division will partner with the Fond du Lac Tribal CollegeExtensions13MoonsProgram. The program will start on Friday at 500 pm Central Time and end on Sunday at 130 pm Central Time. Youth will engage with elders and GLIFWC wardens in activities such as snow snake construction and play storytelling small game trapping brain tanning animal and track identification winter shelter building ishkode fire making outdoor survival tactics and Native Skywatchers. Please contact GLIFWC Outreach Officer Heather Bliss at 906 458-3778 hnaigusglifwc.orgforanyquestionsor additional information. Sample schedule Central Time Zone Friday February 5 500 PM Arrival 530 PM Opening Ceremony 615 PM Dinner 700 PM Cooperative games 930 PM Native Skywatchers 1030 PM Lights out Saturday Feb. 6 800 AM Breakfast 900 AM Outdoor activities 1200 PM Lunch 100 PM Outdoor activities 500 PM Return to recreation centerclan work 600 PM Dinner 700 PM Cultural crafting 800 PM Winter camp theater Anishinaabe storytelling 1030 PM Lights out Sunday Feb 7 800 AM Breakfast 900 AM Snow Snake competition 1200 PM Lunch 100 PM Closing circle 130 PM Buses depart Baama Pii By GLIFWC Enforcement Staff Ishpaagoonikaa Deep Snow Camp Cultural Program Application February 5-7 2016 Cloquet Minnesota Grades 4 through 10 eligible Full name _______________________________________________ Address _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ Email address ____________________________________________ Phone ____ ____________________________________________ School attending __________________________________________ Age ________________ Tribal Affiliation __________________________________________ ParentGuardian name ______________________________________ ParentGuardian telephone home _____ _____________ cell _____ _____________ ParentGuardian email address _______________________________ Students are asked to write a statement in support of this application. Students statement Why I should be selected to attend Winter Camp and what I hope to learn. _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ Please attach another piece of paper if needed. Application Deadline January 2 2016 Great Lakes Indian Fish Wildlife Commission Contact Heather Bliss 906 458-3778 or Send electronic application to Send by mail Heather Bliss 253 Silver Creek Rd. Marquette MI 49855 Or GLIFWC co Heather Bliss P.O. Box 9 Odanah WI 54861 On the ice with Red Cliffs Marvin DeFoe last years winter camp participants try their hand at ice fishing. photo by Heather Naigus PAGE 15 MAZINAIGANWINTER 2015-16 Manoomin Chiefs ate the environment and are never exposed to the traditional harvesting methods this is detrimental to Anishinaabe identity. Harvesting and hunting both weave togetherwiththeaadizookaanagtraditionallegendsandteachingsandultimately reinforce identity. The harvest practices bring forth applicable Ojibwemowin and TEK Traditional Ecological Knowledge which is invaluable knowledge. Many Anishinaabe communities are aware of this dire situation and have been revamp- ing youth programs and community events to revitalize language and culture. These things dont happen overnight but its recognized that in order to preserve resources such as manoomin we must foster environmental and cultural aware- ness in the next generations to come. A closing prayer in Ojibwemowin wished everyone well and bid safe travels to the ones heading home. It was a good weekend to rekindle friendships and to acknowledge past ogimaag leaders. Furthermore it was good to rekindle an old way of gathering putting the old Anishinaabe mindset at the forefront of a new generation. Continued from page 1