Youth Outreach Programs


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     GLIFWC strives to assist youth in their journey to find the leaders within themselves, leaders who are culturally aware and practice healthy lifestyles as examples for future generations.
      Within a positive learning environment, GLIFWC combines instruction through experiential workshops in a variety of contexts, including several youth camps and on-reservation workshops, some of which are listed below:


GLIFWC’s Youth Trailer

     An outdoor skills classroom on wheels, Enforcement’s youth trailer carries the gear for all seasons—ricing equipment, snowshoes, maple sugaring equipment, spears, decoys, traps, fur kits, track identification kits, and general fishing gear. Using the trailer’s resources, GLIFWC officers instruct one to two-day sessions on a variety of outdoor/traditional skills on member tribes’ reservations.


learn to hunt

     In 2010 GLIFWC’s Law Enforcement was one of four groups to be selected to conduct 8 Learn-to-Hunt programs in 2011. This program called Hunter’s Network of Wisconsin is a joint project of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and UW-Extension.  It will allow online technology to new hunters, mentors, and youth with information about mentored hunting and Learn to Hunt events.  Visit to learn more about this program.


Camp opportunities

National Indian Youth Leadership (NIYLP) Camp
      One week at Camp Nesbit for 5th-6th graders, focuses on science and math skills, teambuilding, leadership and culture.


hunter safetyScience, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Camp
      One week at Camp Nesbit and Northern Michigan University Campus for 7th-8th graders, focuses on science and math skills, teambuilding, leadership and culture with a stronger emphasis on science and math.


Camp Onji-Akiing (From the Earth)
      An annual multi-day summer camp for youth entering grades 5-8 that focuses on leadership skills, natural resource management, and environmental stewardship through Anishinaabe traditions.


Intercultural Leadership Initiative
At Camp Jorn, Manitowish, Wisconsin, two-day outdoor skills training in collaboration with the Lakeland School District.




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