Healing Circle Run 2024
July 13-19

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The Healing Circle Run is a prayer for healing. It is an opportunity to pray for healing for ourselves, our families, our communities, our nation, Aki and all our relatives. This 7-day run connects 10 tribal nations throughout the Ojibwe Ceded Territory. Join us as we run our homelands, or walk/run in prayer and unity from wherever you are.

If you have any questions about Healing Circle Run 2023, please contact hcr@glifwc.org or (715) 682-6619.

Healing begins with the individual.

As a person heals,
they can help their family to heal.
As families heal,
they can help their communities to heal.
As communities heal,
they can help their nations to heal.

As individuals, families
Communities, and nations heal,
they can help
Aki and our plant and animal relatives to heal.

25th Anniversary of the 1989 Anishinaabe Solidarity Relay - Mazina'igan Supplement, Summer 2014