GLIFWC Divisions


     Administration: All policies approved through the Board of commissioners are implemented through GLIFWC's Administration Division, which includes budget and financial management for the organization. Administrative tasks involve both in-house accounting and record-keeping as well as annual testimony before Congress which seeks appropriations to maintain and improve GLIFWC’s funding base, coordination of meetings and planning for anticipated needs of member tribes.


     Biological Management: The Commission provides a staff of biologists and technicians which assist in coordinating off-reservation harvest seasons and supply the technical expertise and data required in determining appropriate harvest regulations.


     Enforcement: GLIFWC provides fully-trained and equipped conservation wardens, stationed in the area of each member tribe, to assure that the tribally-adopted codes regulating each off-reservation season are enforced. In addition. GLIFWC assists tribal courts where conservation violations are cited.


     Intergovernmental Affairs: To further tribal self-regulatory capabilities, this office supplies the expertise necessary to formulate legally-acceptable codes and ordinances; interpret pertinent legislation which may affect off-reservation resources; and advise on issues pertaining to treaty rights.


     Planning and Development: The primary responsibility of the Planning and Development office is to assist the Commission in implementing its Strategic Plan-Wii Gimawanjii’idimin Gaye Wii Nibawaadaanamin. The division works with member tribes to seek opportunities and to expand benefits of harvested resources. This involves locating funding sources as well as economic opportunities on behalf of the member tribes.


     Public Information: The public information office serves as a vehicle for public education for tribal members and the general public. Through publications, media contacts and information booths, factual information pertaining to tribal off-reservation resource management and harvest figures is disseminated.