Aanji-bimaadiziimagak o’ow aki

Vulnerability Assessment

Image Aanji-bimaadiziimagak o’ow aki

The GLIFWC Climate Change staff have released Version 2 of the Vulnerability Assessment,
entitled Aanji-bimaadiziimagak o’ow aki.

Please see also Version 1, published in 2018.

Aanji bimaadiziimagak o’ow aki, the second version of the GLIFWC Vulnerability Assessment, is an attempt to weave together Traditional and Scientific Ecological Knowledge (SEK) to examine the climate change vulnerability of a set of beings in the upper Midwest Ceded Territories by the mid-21st century. The assessment is divided into several parts: 1) an introduction, including an explanation of treaty rights and the origins and goals of the GLIFWC Climate Change Program; 2) a section on projected climate change impacts to the Ceded Territories and examples of impacts on cultural practices; 3) a methods section describing how the assessment was conducted, including a description of the Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) interviews and the use of the NatureServe Climate Change Vulnerability Index; 4) a results section, with a summary of results from all beings in the assessment; 5) a discussion section that explores different themes found in the assessment and outlines next steps; and 6) a series of pages for each of the beings in the assessment, containing information from TEK and SEK on how each might be impacted by climate change. The assessment is meant as a resource for GLIFWC’s member tribes and their tribal and non-tribal partners, to help them prepare for upcoming changes and to help them care for those who take care of us.